"Our family, a circle of Strength, founded on Faith...Joined in Love...Kept by GOD"

You are welcome to  Parenthood Foundation International Inc. Our whole mission is captured in the words "Preserving the Family Heritage...Strengthening the Marital Union for Proper Parenting".


Human society is daily threatened by moral decay at an alarming rate. With the ebbing of moral values, man faces a resurgence of social deterioration. The incidences of armed robbery, prostitution, drug addiction, cultism, political thuggery, assassinations, terrorism, etcetera, are the prevalent vices amongst youths of nowadays; while the older generation that is expected to be the beacon of uprightness brazenly engages in high profile embezzlement of public funds and other despicable sleaze.


Marriages are under siege, families are in great peril, and future generations have been inadvertently or deliberately compromised as a direct consequence. The implication of allowing these dangerous trends to continue unchallenged and unchecked, and the consequences on the generations yet unborn, informed the need to arrest the ugly situation through the mission of Parenthood Foundation International Inc., (PFI).


The Art of Marriage

Preparing our young adults

for meaningful marriage

Support for Children
In Need

For basic needs such as educa-tion, especially those in higher institution of learning preventing vulnerability.

The Couples'Life Connect

Encouraging Spouses and Couples from door to door, from community
to community-home and abroad alike.  Bringing Godly solutions and
understanding on marital issues to spouses and Couples for better
marital and family life fulfillment.

Resource Centre

Support for the Elder

Who are in need
of care and love
at their old age

Purity Club


our young adolescents  and
teenagers to

live right

Friends of Families in Need (FOFIN)

Giving support to
(Willing) families
in need.



The Parenthood Foundation International was incorporated in 2004 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 1990 (RC: 16908) with its Corporate Office at Langbasa-Ajah, Lagos State. PFI is an NGO that aspires to create goodwill in families through the teaching of godly principles that are based on the word of God. PFI is also involved in the business of raising capable and stable parents in order to provoke and fulfil true National Re-birth in Nigeria and all Nations of the earth.This is the irrevocable position of PFI since inception in the year 1998 – which is to be a service-oriented NGO that is committed to ministering to families, (which are the smallest units of society that make up the nations of the world).


The vision was borne out of the gnawing burden in the heart of the founders on seeing the countless troubles that afflict the families of the earth. As a result, we are doing a work aimed at exploring the grace of godly parenting in families, which is a responsibility of every God-fearing parent.

It is a common social phenomenon that today’s children are tomorrow’s adults, who will determine the course of events in homes, schools, public institutions, governance, industries, and the society at large. However, with the burden of a failing family heritage prowling the land, Parenthood Foundation International Inc, (otherwise known as PFI), was birthed by divine inspiration almost (2) two decade ago to alert parents and awaken them to the importance of their roles and responsibilities in working with God to make the society what He wants it to be – a place of peace, hope and harmony for all mankind.




Parenthood Foundation International Inc. is a Faith based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which seeks to reach out to parents and their children, parent-to-be, grandparents, newly married couples and even the unmarried singles with the aims of bringing them to a better awareness of society's need for Godly parenting, so that the nation can become better.

The Foundation aspires to bridge the wide gap that exists in the family – between the husband and wife, on the one hand, and parents and children, on the other hand – and provide succour for all.

The Organization reaches out to its target audience in manifold ways, which are all aimed at preserving the family through godly parenting, among which includes the following:

  • Improving husband and wife relationships

  • Offering counseling services to parents and children

  • Bridging the gaps among families, and perfecting family living

  • Organizing periodic seminars, eg, monthly (F3), Marriage Schools, et cetera

  • Reaching out to families through publications/media materials

  • Initiating School Projects, such as Nursery, Primary, College, et cetera

  • Organizing School Debate Competitions and Essay Writing Projects

  • Transforming the life of families and their delinquent children through outreach events

  • Creating a parental umbrella for the lost and/or neglected children by initiating Home Projects for their shelter

  • Organizing annual Parents’ Day celebration activities


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Taken family matters to many places in Nigeria


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